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Thermal imaging in the fight against the spread of coronavirus
To date, the hottest topic is COVID-19, a.s. People in panic buy tons of food, water and toilet paper. In some forums, people seriously discuss how to treat antiseptic bread.

In the online store Forter appeal customers, with the question we have something that will help to protect their lives and health in today's difficult realities.
The range of online store Forter is very wide and diverse, we are proud that we have more than 6,000 products with an up-to-date price and availability. The main protection against coronavirus is the isolation of sick people from healthy people, thus significantly reducing the spread of the disease.

Of course, now the whole country is quarantined, people, if possible, remain in their apartments and houses, but we all still need to buy food, medicines and hygiene products. Therefore, it is quite logical that now for mass temperature control people, in some countries have already started to use thermal imaging cameras and thermal imaging cameras. This is not a novelty by 2020, long ago thermal imaging cameras are used to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.

This method has a number of advantages:

This method is contactless and fast, takes no more than a second per person. This reduces the possibility of cross-infection.

Artificial intelligence of the thermal imaging camera focuses only on increasing the temperature of a person, not paying attention to objects with a high temperature.

There are two-spectral models that measure in the optical and thermal imaging spectrum, analyzing the information received, improving the quality of measurement.
The sound alarm will alert the operator, about a potentially dangerous person with an elevated temperature.

Hand-held thermal imaging cameras as well as special stationary thermal imaging cameras can be used.

The use of thermal imaging cameras in places of large crowds will help to reduce the percentage of patients. It can be used in airports, railway stations, shopping and office centers, educational institutions.

The use of a thermal imaging device is very simple and intuitive. On the thermal imaging screen display thermal imaging card, where the warmer the color the higher the temperature, so that the operator could freely oreit, on the left usually displays the scale of measurements.
Micro sensor and spy camera
Micro sensor and spy camera

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Tiny surveillance camera hidden in a pen

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Walk through the metal detector during pregnancy

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