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How to choose a home alarm
Do you need to understand all the sensors, parameters and numerous digits of the characteristics of security alarms to choose the right kit for the house?

If you want to thoroughly understand the issue, then of course. But we offer an easier option. Read the recommendations of the experts of the internet security hypermarket "Forter" that will help to buy the optimal model of home alarm.
And in the end, of course, we will offer our top three leaders: the top 3 alarms for an apartment and a private house.

Where to start: Define the goals

Simply put, first of all it is necessary to determine why it is planned to install alarms in housing. If you see the vulnerabilities of your apartment or private home, you will be able to clearly articulate the tasks for a potential security system.

What to consider:

The presence and location of potential intruder infiltration sites (windows, doors, manholes in the attic and basement);

The number, area and configuration of the premises to be protected;
The presence of animals in the house, which should not be triggered by an alarm;

Opportunities for installation, laying of cables;

How it is planned to organize the protection of the dwelling: independently or with the participation of a security organization;

from what dangers are planned protection: penetration, fire, gas leak, water.
Understanding all these nuances will help to correctly choose the type of alarm, the number and types of sensors with the appropriate option of connecting to the system.

Type of alarm

There are three main types of alarms on the way of warning of a danger:

Autonomous. Works without signal transmission to external devices. That is, the system is able to detect and recognize the alarm, as well as to launch a siren (light-beep signal) to attract attention to the object and scare away strangers when trying to penetrate.

The remote. It connects to a centralized security remote, where a warning signal is received when a break-in, a fire or other monitored situation occurs. After interpreting the signal, a task force of the security agency is sent to the place.

GSM alarm. In the event of an alarm, it transmits a signal via a cellular network (SMS or push notification). Such systems can not only send messages to selected phone numbers, but also connect to a centralized remote. In addition to operational alert, this kit allows remotely from the key fob to turn on and off the siren, put the dwelling under guard and remove.

In our opinion, the best choice is GSM-signaling. This is the most advanced type of system, which can combine all the advantages of the previous and at the same time have no flaws.

Choosing sensors

These are the basic elements of the security system that control the situation in the allotted space or at the point and in case of an alarming situation transmit information about it to the central console.

Today, a large list of sensors are available to protect your home from various threats. Sensors are able to detect:

Breaking down
Changing volume
The presence of gas and combustion products;
temperature changes.
Sensors of any type can be connected to modern home alarms. This means that if necessary, one system can include several options for alarm: security, fire, gas leakage and flooding.

If you've carefully approached the set of goals, as we described above, you will have no trouble finding a suitable set of sensors.

What are the options to look out for

Here are a few more nuances to look at when choosing a home alarm:

Number of sensors connected at the same time
Number of communication channels
Availability of backup power (additional battery);
Radio range
The presence of an alarm system against external attacks;
Filtering false positives
Self-diagnosis system;
the ability to connect street sensors if the alarm is bought in a private home.
We also recommend that you check with the consultants about the difficulty of setting the alarm, the availability of a convenient mobile application for remote control. Usability is an important factor for household security systems.

Top 3 alarms for the home

ATIS Kit 200T is the best kit in the budget segment

24 wireless zones
8 plug-in key fobs
Staging and removing from security, setting up from the phone
110 dB - siren volume
Android and iOS app
lithium battery
temperatures range: -10 degrees Celsius - 50 degrees Celsius
For a very democratic price, you get a full-fledged alarm system with built-in Wi-Fi for remote control.

Ajax StarterKit Plus White is the most functional kit
up to 150 devices connected at the same time
Communication channels: GSM and Wi-Fi
Li-Pol battery that provides autonomous operation for up to 16 hours
Temperatures range: 0 degrees Celsius - 50 degrees Celsius
It is an advanced high-tech alarm that will provide a high degree of protection for your home. There are up to 150 connected devices, constant verification of the system and each point, working with sensors at a distance of up to 2 km.

Covi Security GSM Guardian Kit - our choice
8 connected key fobs at a time
2 wired and 99 wireless zones
6 call numbers and 3 numbers for SMS alert
Staging and removing from security, setting up from the phone
350-hour reloadable lithium rechargeable battery
120 dB - siren volume
Encryption: RT2262
It is a universal kit for the house, office or shop. The best option for a great price. It allows you to control the alarm remotely, set up the staging under guard and remove the schedule. The system is easy to use, easy to set up and reliable at the same time..
Micro sensor and spy camera
Micro sensor and spy camera

When you travel, you can inspect your hotel room, meeting room, locker room, shower, etc… You can also inspect your desktop, your business, your home… Option A: this unit can detect Spy ware microphones,
Tiny surveillance camera hidden in a pen
Tiny surveillance camera hidden in a pen

Pencil with a very small camera surveillance cameras and audio and video recording It is a very natural form and pen you can also use it to write. But with a very small camera to the top of the pen.
wireless spy microphone
wireless spy microphone

Wireless spy camera can be embedded in any type of product. With the integrated microphone can transmit both audio and video recordings. hidden cam, spy, phone
tiny hidden spy camera
tiny hidden spy camera

tiny hidden spy camera,In addition to being a real watch, this spy camera watch has a tiny camera and a built-in microphone. She has the ability to take photos and videos of high resolution: 1600 x 1200 for photos and 720 x 480 AVI to videos.
Walk through the metal detector during pregnancy
Walk through the metal detector during pregnancy

Many women worry about walking through the metal detector during pregnancy ,
Security Metal Detectors Walk Through
Security Metal Detectors Walk Through

Walk-through metal detectors have an ergonomic design so that you can pick up the device to any premises, whether the Bank, airport building, Office premises, factories and enterprises.
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