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How to choose the right place to install a CCTV camera
Video surveillance is a universal security system for an apartment, a house, an office, a shop, a bank. With the help of video surveillance, you can solve many problems, ranging from ensuring the security of the airport, stadium, etc. to the counting of vehicles and the accounting of rail cars. Video surveillance manufacturers note the constant demand for consumption of these products, while intensively developing technologies and producing new models of equipment.

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For the proper functioning of the video surveillance system is not enough to pick up equipment, it is important to choose the right place to install cameras. In this article, the staff of our installation department shared some secrets that will help to easily solve this issue.

First, you need to install a video camera on the entrance group, it's the entrance, gate, gate, etc. The camera should be chosen narrowly focused, so that the lens recorded all incoming people. However, the camera that is pointing to the entrance must have a good resolution, from 4MP, so that you can clearly see the person entering the person or the number of the car that enters. If you do not save on the video camera on the entrance group, you can then save on the cameras that will be installed on the perimeter. For example, you see that a person in a blue jacket has committed an illegal act, and the camera at the entrance can identify him.

If the main task is a comprehensive view, it is better to choose a camera with a resolution of 2 MP and a 90-degree viewing angle. If you need high quality and sighting of part of the territory, video cameras with narrow-angle lenses are perfect.

Installation of the video camera indoors, has a few nuances, it is necessary to coordinate the appearance of the camera with the interior of the room, to think over how the cable will pass. Also when installing, please note that the camera is not in close proximity to the lighting devices to avoid light.

Installing a camera on the street is more complex and requires some rules. For the outer camera it is important to consider the angle of view, resolution, installation height, fixtures and sun. After all, video surveillance should be conducted around the clock and if the lantern will shine at night right into the camera, you will get just a white spot. Therefore, the camera is installed away from all light sources. Also, when installing cameras under the roof of the house, it is not necessary that the camera was close to the edge, because icicles can harm the equipment.

When installing CCTV, these rules should be followed and Recommendations:

According to the form factor in the indoor use dome chambers, and on the street - cylindrical. But cylindrical is easier to break and steal, because if the installation place is below 3 meters, it is better to install protected dome chambers on the street.

Before you install the bracket and lay the cable, plug in the camera and check it works. Also think about the area of coverage, it is not superfluous to check how the camera goes into night mode, for this you need to cover the light sensor with your palm.

Check the uniformity of the lighting, if you for example install the camera under the visor and direct to a brightly lit clearing, because of the difference of lighting, the camera will show poorly, of course it can be compensated with the software functions WDR, BLC, HLC, but more effectively will determine immediately the correct place of installation.

Cameras can fail if they are directed towards bright light or sun. When designing CCTV, be sure to take into account the daily movement of the sun.

All connectors and attachments should be hidden in connecting boxes, and the box also needs to be installed away from the sun's rays, moisture and dust.

In order for the camera not to be stolen, it is necessary to install it as high as possible.

But, at the same time you should have access to the camera, because it is hung more than once and for life, it is necessary to periodically wipe the lens from dust and moisture, also because of weather conditions may disrupt the view of the camera. Regular maintenance will extend the life of the equipment.

When using individual power supplies, they must be placed in airtight casings.

If there is insufficient light at night, the cameras can be equipped with additional IR spotlights.

The DVR should be located in a ventilated room, where outsiders do not have access. After all, the attackers will want to kidnap it or break it.

Choosing the location

This is the most controversial issue, because it is necessary at the same time: to provide a review of the planned territory and to exclude or minimize the lighting of the lenses, as well as to ensure the protection of video cameras from mechanical and climatic damage.

By the way, the undesirability of lighting should be taken into account not only for outdoor video surveillance. To degrade the quality of the picture from internal video cameras are able to direct sunlight from the window, any lights and even LED indicators of household appliances, getting into the lens.

Major errors in the installation of CCTV cameras

Installation of internal cameras, outside the room. In this way, the equipment can quickly become unusable.

Installing the camera in an accessible location. The attacker will be able to defuse the camera by throwing a package at it, for example, or even stealing equipment.

Using unprotected wires, all wires must be protected and safely hidden.

Installing cameras in front of the sun so you make the camera useless.
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