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The pros and cons of a wireless CCTV kit with a monitor
The CCTV system today will not surprise anyone, it is a popular, you can say even an ordinary means of security.

We also offer ready-made CCTV kits, which are of a bargain price and the fact that all components of the system are perfect for each other. In the finished set of video surveillance, you will immediately find everything you need to install, you will not need to separately choose the camera, then the registrar and then also compatible with this all hard drive, the manufacturer has already picked everything for you.
These kits are also called self-installation kits, installation does not require special knowledge and skills, all in an accessible form is outlined in the instructions, you will just need to attach the cameras to the installation sites and connect them to the registrar. Such kits are ideal for installation in an apartment, country house, a small office beauty salon, shop, etc., of course, the installation of video cameras at a height of 6 meters is better to entrust to professionals.

If you are thinking about installing CCTV at the stage of repair in the room, it is fine, you can immediately lay a cable for intercom, alarm and video surveillance without loss for interior design. But what to do if there is a repair or a rental room, and video surveillance is necessary?

There is a way out, manufacturers specifically for such cases offer sets of wireless video surveillance with a screen.

These kits have a number of advantages:

Easy to install. Everything you need to be installed is complete, the equipment is ready for installation, you don't need to collect anything or carry out additional adjustment.

Video cameras transmit the signal to the registrar on the WI-FI network, there is no need to pull the cable to transmit video information, which facilitates and makes the installation cheaper.

Mobility system. The entire set of CCTV can be installed in a matter of minutes, without touching the interior of the room and if necessary also take with you.
Kits with a built-in monitor are very convenient for use by both security and the owner of the premises. You can immediately on the monitor in real time to observe what is happening on the object, and with the help of the screen you will be able to view the video archive and find the necessary time interval.

The main drawback of such systems:

It is necessary to have a stable connection to the vaifai and the video camera must be installed taking into account the coverage area of the router.
Micro sensor and spy camera
Micro sensor and spy camera

When you travel, you can inspect your hotel room, meeting room, locker room, shower, etc… You can also inspect your desktop, your business, your home… Option A: this unit can detect Spy ware microphones,
Tiny surveillance camera hidden in a pen
Tiny surveillance camera hidden in a pen

Pencil with a very small camera surveillance cameras and audio and video recording It is a very natural form and pen you can also use it to write. But with a very small camera to the top of the pen.
wireless spy microphone
wireless spy microphone

Wireless spy camera can be embedded in any type of product. With the integrated microphone can transmit both audio and video recordings. hidden cam, spy, phone
tiny hidden spy camera
tiny hidden spy camera

tiny hidden spy camera,In addition to being a real watch, this spy camera watch has a tiny camera and a built-in microphone. She has the ability to take photos and videos of high resolution: 1600 x 1200 for photos and 720 x 480 AVI to videos.
Walk through the metal detector during pregnancy
Walk through the metal detector during pregnancy

Many women worry about walking through the metal detector during pregnancy ,
Security Metal Detectors Walk Through
Security Metal Detectors Walk Through

Walk-through metal detectors have an ergonomic design so that you can pick up the device to any premises, whether the Bank, airport building, Office premises, factories and enterprises.
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