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By what criteria to choose a CCTV camera
Here are 10 criteria by which you can choose the right camera to organize a video surveillance system.

And first of all, our top CCTV cameras:.
1. Connection type: wired, wireless

The peculiarity of connecting the camera to the system is important for the installation procedure and the characteristics of the room or terrain. The absence of wires eliminates the need to drill and snub the walls, restore their integrity. Wired systems are also vulnerable to cable damage if they are not well hidden.

Not so long ago, wired systems far outpaced wireless in the quality of the transferred picture. Today, the problem has been solved. The image with a wireless camera is no worse. But it is important to remember that your record will largely depend on the stability of the signal. And here wired variants still bypass Wi-Fi analogues.

2. Installation location: street, internal

Here we are talking about the protective properties and performance of the device's case. The cameras used on the street are located in a more aggressive environment, which determines the need for higher protection (unless it is, of course, a fake) from:

seasonal temperature changes;
High humidity (rain, fog, snow);
ultraviolet light from direct sunlight, etc.

Note! If it is planned to install a camera in rooms with special conditions (increased humidity, specific temperature), the device should be sufficiently protected from their negative impact on the video equipment.

Another important nuance. If the outdoor camera is placed in a place accessible to the person, be sure to take into account anti-vandal protection.
3. Device type: IP video cameras, TurboHD (HD-TVI), HD-CVI,

IP CCTV cameras are the flagship in the segment. Their main feature is the absence of a limit on the distance of data transmission. The network camera transmits the signal digitally to the connected device. Access to the picture online is possible from anywhere in the world, where there is the Internet. Video is transmitted via Wi-Fi, GPRS, or local network using IP protocol.

TurboHD (HD-TVI) is an analog camera capable of transmitting signal on both a coaxial cable and a twisted pair. As a rule, the transmission range is up to 500 meters.

TurboHD camera video is high-resolution, as good as digital. Devices of this format can connect to both a digital system and an analogue system (with a decrease in quality to analog resolution).

The HD-CVI type implies high-definition analog cameras. The video is transmitted via coaxial cable. Such equipment is widely used at home and in the creation of professional security systems due to the good quality of the signal and the relatively low price.

Analog cameras (AHDs) are reliable and affordable. At the same time, their resolution is not inferior to digital. For example, we have available AHD cameras with Full HD image.

In addition, in our catalog you can find multiformat cameras (MHD), which can adapt to the security system of any type, just switch to the appropriate mode.

4. Hull view: dome, cylindrical, cubic, PT'robotized

CCTV cameras are made with different forms of enclosures. And the choice of a particular model depends on the operating conditions and objectives.

Thus, dome chambers are much less protected from precipitation and direct sunlight than cylindrical cameras. The latter, in turn, may be vulnerable to strong gale-force winds.

Fish eye cameras are used to shoot 360 degrees. Robotic devices are controlled remotely (can quickly change the direction of shooting and bring focus closer). And cubic video cameras are compact, are usually used indoors and can play the role of a video baby.

5. Matrix resolution

The clarity of the picture depends on this parameter. In this criterion you need to look at the number of megapixels (points on the area of the matrix). And the rule is quite simple - the more of them, the picture will be clearer. This means that it will be easier to consider the details (face, document, car number, etc.)

Our catalog has a wide range of permissions from <1 to 12MP.

You can also pick up the most advanced 4 K devices (meaning there are approximately 4,000 pixels horizontally on the matrix).

6. IR illumination

It is relevant if it is necessary to organize video surveillance in a room without lighting or on the street at night.

LEDs emit light in the infrared spectrum, and the sensitive matrix captures the objects it lights up. The technology allows you to get a very good picture even in total darkness.

The peculiarity of IR shooting is that the image is black and white and its clarity is inferior to shooting by light. However, it gives an opportunity to get a reliable picture of what is happening, hidden from view in the absence of lighting.

When choosing ir-lighting cameras, pay attention to their range. It must meet the parameters of the facility where video surveillance is planned.

For convenience, we divide all the night-view cameras into range groups:

Up to 30 meters;
30 to 50 meters;
50 meters.
Pick up on the parameters of the object, but do not take with a large margin. It is best to find a balance between range and budget.

7. Focus Distance

This is the distance from the lens to the matrix of the video camera on which the image is fed. Another option, the viewing angle, depends on this option.

The most common version of CCTV cameras is devices with a focal distance of 4 mm and a 70 degree angle. These are usually suitable for installation in most rooms.

The rule is simple: the greater the distance, the higher the detail and the smaller the viewing angle. This means that the choice should be based on the purpose of installing the camera. To get a general plan, lenses are used at a high angle, and for focusing on specific objects and identification - cameras with a large focal length.

8. Memory Card Slot

Having a recording function on an SD card turns the device into a standalone DVR. Such cameras can be connected to the system or used as a self-driving device for video surveillance.

9. Built-in microphone

The availability of such an option will allow you to receive and record not only the image, but also the sound.

Cameras with the ability to transmit audio signal are relevant, as a rule, for premises: in the trading hall, apartment, warehouse, etc.

10. Wi-Fi support

The built-in Wi-Fi module will provide a wireless connection of the camera to the security system network. Such devices are simply mounted in any convenient location and are limited only by the range of wireless signal.

Wi-Fi cameras are especially convenient if you want to change their location from time to time.

We hope our recommendations will help you to choose the best option and not to make a mistake. And if you have any questions, please contact our consultants. They will definitely help to buy the perfect camera on all requests and wishes..
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