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What's included in the CCTV
The finished set of CCTV equipment is convenient. You don't have to choose each item, check compatibility and quality of interaction with other parts of the security system. All components have already been selected by the manufacturer and are guaranteed to be combined with maximum impact.
When choosing a kit, it is important to understand its content. We offer three options for possible kits, starting from which, you will buy a suitable on the budget and capabilities of the video surveillance system.

These are components without which the kit is considered defective because it will not be able to perform basic security functions.

The basic set should include:


When choosing the finished set for CCTV takes into account the minimum required number of cameras. The second parameter is the conditions under which the cameras will work: a room, a street, an object with high humidity, a special temperature regime.

A great option for both a commercial facility (multi-entry parking, industrial areas) and a private house or cottage - a set for 4 cameras CoVi Security AHD-4W KIT.

Four street AHD cameras that can be mounted indoors with excellent quality: at 1080N resolution at a video recording speed of 12 frame/s (in each of the 4 channels) there are no delays or artifacts on the screen.

The cameras are equipped with 30 m IR lighting, which allows you to shoot in the dark.

Read more about the choice of cameras in our article "By what criteria to choose a CCTV camera."

Video recorder

You need to record and store video and sound from cameras. For a small video surveillance system, the registrar plays the role of a central controller, to which all elements of the system are connected and from which control takes place.
Pay attention to the number of cameras you connect to the DVR, the ability to increase their base number, the ability to write sound if cameras can transmit it, and the size of the data store - the larger it is, the more video it retains.

The CoVi Security AHD-4W KIT includes a XVR-3500-HD 4-view recorder under AHD/TVI/CVI/IP/Analog (hybrid system) standards.

The registrar works on the basis of Embedded Linux. Among the 26 available interface languages is Russian. The system is controlled from the front and mouse (included).

There are two exits for broadcasting video on monitors: VGA, HDMI.

Wi-Fi camera kits do not require cable pads to transmit video, but need to be connected to the power grid and the Internet. This means that both wired and wireless types will have to lay out or organize hidden wiring.

The cables to connect the cameras

For wired systems, the kit must include the required number of cables connecting the cameras to the central controller.

Note! If the kit's cameras are capable of transmitting sound, the cable should have an audio output.

The CoVi Security AHD-4W KIT includes 4 cables with 15 meters long audio. In addition, there is all the necessary fasteners for self-mounting.

Power supply and brancher

The power supply is needed to connect the equipment running from the 12B network.

CoVi Security AHD-4W KIT includes a 220/12 power supply, as well as a brancher for 5 devices.

The manipulator is needed to set up and control the video surveillance system. Because it's impossible to do this without a mouse, it must be present in the base set, as in the CoVi Security AHD-4W KIT.

Here's just one element - hard drive (HDD). Why is it optional? The fact that video surveillance is possible and without recording - with the output on the screen. However, it is highly desirable to have a drive with enough volume to store media.

On the one hand, you can buy a hard drive with the right parameters separately, but it is still convenient when the system is initially equipped with a suitable device.

The CoVi Security AHD-4W KIT has a 500GB SATA III HDD. The maximum volume of connected HDD is 6TB.

Self-diagnosis is important for any security system. The set includes an alarm when the disc malfunctions.

These items are generally not included.

To such additional parts we include:

Mounting box;
Sticker "Get in the place of the old-timer";
patch cord.
However, there are systems in which they are provided initially, for example, 5MP Street Wi-Fi Kit Covi Security Blast IPC-5Mp-4kit - with a 12-inch monitor and patch cord.

The availability of such options is usually compensated by the increased price. Pay attention to the difference. Can buy these accessories separately will be more profitable.

We hope that our recommendations have helped you to choose the best kit for CCTV. And if you still have a problem or have questions, please contact us, we will offer the best solution on your budget and requirements.
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