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What are the dangers of home security systems

What are the dangers of home security systems
The study of ten popular house and apartment security systems, conducted by HP, has yielded disastrous results. All systems involved in the study, without exception, had serious vulnerabilities associated with password protection, encryption, and authentication.

What are the dangers of home security systems

Monitoring tools such as camcorders and motion sensors, alarm systems connected to the Internet have gained popularity due to the explosive development of IoT (Internet of Things), primarily due to their exceptional convenience and very wide Opportunities. At the main world technological exhibitions, such as CES (Consumer Electronics Show), MWC (Mobile World Congress), IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung Berlin), in 2014 - 2015 there was an unbelievable interest in IoT devices and solutions, both with Producers, as well as by users. According to Gartner, in 2015 the number of devices connected to the “Internet of Things” will be 4.9 billion, and by 2020 it would reach 25 billion.

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What is more surprising is the fact that systems and devices designed to provide shelter security are a source of even greater threats.

“Leaving aside the convenience and availability of Internet-connected devices, it should be noted that they can make our homes and families vulnerable,” says Jason Schmitt, vice president and product manager, Fortify Division HP Enterprise Security products. - given that the top ten systems do not have fundamental security functions, consumers should not forget the simplest protection measures, and the producers that they are ultimately responsible for Security of their users.
Intruders who have access to such systems can not only examine in detail the lifestyle of potential victims and their schedule, but also gain access to video-and audio internal surveillance cameras.

The study revealed four fundamental security issues in all systems, without exception.Security of information systems

The first problem is that there is not enough reliable authentication: all systems with their cloud and mobile interfaces did not require the installation of passwords of sufficient complexity and length; For most, there was a sufficient alphanumeric password of six characters. None of the systems offered the ability to block an account after a certain number of failed password attempts.
The second problem was unprotected interfaces: all tested cloud web interfaces have security issues that allow a potential attacker to gain access to the account.

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Another problem is confidentiality: all systems collected certain types of personal information, such as name, address, date of birth, phone number and even credit card numbers.

The vulnerability of this personal information is a matter of concern because it poses a threat to identity theft in all systems. It is also worth noting that the key feature of many home security systems is the use of video, which is viewable through mobile applications and cloud-based web interfaces. The privacy of video images of the interior of the house is under great question.
Finally, the fourth problem was the lack of encryption in data transmission: Although all systems implement transport-level encryption mechanisms, such as SSL/TLS, many cloud connections remain vulnerable to attacks.What are the dangers of home security systems

However, not only the systems of “smart” houses can transmit information, which should remain in the four walls. So, at the beginning of the week it turned out that the Samsung TV with voice control listens to everything that happens in the room. This is indicated in the TV’s user agreement. Constant listening to the events around is turned on so that the TV can respond to the team. Samsung has published an official message, which specifies that the inclusion of listening is performed only by the user from the remote control.
The TV User agreement states that all recorded data may be sent to a third party. This third party refers to a company that provides Samsung speech recognition services.What are the dangers of home security systems

According to the Deputy director general of Zecurion Alexander Kovalev, the problem with the security of the Internet of Things is too fast its development. “Users simply do not understand all the capabilities of these devices, and the vendors are still busy developing the technology itself and do not give sufficient security value. This is not surprising, the understanding that the computer can infect the virus, also came not immediately. As long as these vulnerabilities are not exploited by intruders, neither users nor producers will waste time and money to protect IoT, “Kovalev said.
The anti-virus expert of Kaspersky Lab Denis Legezo agrees with him. According to him, this is due to the fact that the attitude to “smart” things remains as a conventional machine or TV.

“But this is another device that can not only move or show the ether channels. Accordingly, and to think about them it is necessary already in another way, and to protect in new ways “,-the expert pointed out.

As an example he gave a vulnerability in the system BMW connected Drive, which allowed to open the doors of the car and was liquidated this year. In order to identify the vulnerability, the researchers replaced the equipment to which the data was transmitted using the SIM card installed in the machine. “As it turned out, there was no encryption in the data transfer protocol until that time, and only after the update was HTTPS implemented.How much installation security system in your home? Top Ten Reasons to installing a home alarm system Choosing the best home security systems.
In the case of computer systems, data transmission for authentication in the open form has long been nonsense. But not for other industries as it turned out, “Legezo said.

According to the expert, it is enough to distract from the main function of the technique and begin to perceive it as a computer network to notice weaknesses in information security. “All standard methods of network traffic research (while often in the open form), web interfaces to configure this equipment (including classic vulnerabilities), the built-in operating system (as Linux kernel). There is a feeling that now manufacturers are just such a sight and lacks.

What are the dangers of home security systems
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