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simple metal detector circuit
The simplest metal detector on the pic-microcontroller is presented. The detector scheme contains only 5 elements, plus coil. When the power is turned on, the automatic calibration mode starts (red LED). When the metal rolls to the coil, the LED blinks green.
simple metal detector circuit

Simple Bfo Metal Detector Improved Circuit Design

BFO-beat frequency oscillation method. The use of metal detectors two oscillators, including the head of the search coil. Frequency compared to the cursor and displays the frequency difference between the sound signal. Hardware circuit is simple enough, reel requires strict implementation. Operating frequency of 40-500 kHz. Simple BFO method requires only a few ingredients.......Read Post

How to make a metal detector from a magnet at home

How to make a metal detector? If you want to become a treasure hunter, the first thing you need to get the metal detector. Although at first it is quite possible to do unit, erected with their own hands. Before you take a metal detector yourself, you must get its components........Read Post

simple metal detector schematic

Simple and convenient metal detector

simple metal detector in seven silicon transistors
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