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What is a ground-penetrating radar Geoscanners and how-georadar -GPR

What is a ground-penetrating radar Geoscanners and how-georadar -GPR

Examination is performed with a special tool - GPR, which is an electronic device. The GPR investigators receive ongoing incision of the environment in which to diagnose. The depth of the study could be as high as 20 meters. Data entry examination is carried out in a file that allows you to continue to study and document the material with the help of computer equipment.

What is a ground-penetrating radar

Action principle of GPR based entirely on the radar: radiation and electromagnetic pulses reflected fixation. Boost produced by instrument and by using light emitter (antenna) is sent to the artistic environment. Environment can be any material: concrete, clay, brick wall, etc. Wednesday may have heterogeneous structure reflects the device. Based on such studies, identifies various voids and inclusions of other materials.

non-destructive method of research and monitoring. Its use can significantly reduce costs. For example, search for cable runs underground through GPR is greatly simplified, and given the fact that many current plants no documentation about the cut once the piping and cable trays, the effect of using GPR increases significantly.

Typically,  study of GPR antennas block moves across the surface of the medium. Emission and reception of signals reflected by going through a certain distance. This distance is called the “sensing” step. The minimum value of step can be measured just a few millimeters.

Once the antennas will be adopted reflected signal, he comes to the device registration information; Typically, provider is a laptop. On the device to write the data to a file. After analysis of the recorded information and its structure engineer company conducting the  Diagnostician examination, gets investigated “slice”. Another name for this cut -  profile.

Most often this type of profile is executed in the form of radiograms. Radiogram is an array of depths echoes. Another name for radio-wave pattern.

Survey of the quarries and geological research

As you may have heard or read, ground-penetrating radar is a device that provides fast and detailed scan of the soil. The high mobility of GPR, combined with the ability to conduct non-destructive scanning of the ground (without pilot drilling) with highly detailed makes georadar unique among other equipment, used in geophysics. Thanks to this, you can make the right decision when hosting works, bringing engineering researches are becoming less expensive. While it is possible to display the georadar researches results of scanning the soil in the form of a 3D model of the studied environment.

The research was made possible by a georadar geological cross-sections, search and prospecting of mineral deposits, the definition of a level of subsoil waters, ice thickness, depth and bottom profile of reservoirs, the karst funnels and voids, glaciological research - this is not a complete list of the tasks that the geology solves by scanning the ground by a georadar. But a series of tasks by a georadar Geology only solves. For example, the mapping of geological structures, i.e. the definition of contacts of rocks with different dielectric permeability is only possible using GPR.

The engineering geological features of GPR are used to scan the ground for studies in engineering geology, hydro geology and Engineering-geological surveys for construction; determination of subsoil water level, high water cut zones; identify areas of development of dangerous geological processes.

Application of GPR in the survey and evaluation of open pit allows you to save big money, since the development of soil in mining can be carried out continuously, thanks to the georadar with maximizing useful formulation because ground-penetrating radar ensures clearly defined boundaries between the different rocks and minerals.

A survey of archaeological sites

Traditional methods of treasure hunting and archeology cannot guarantee the 100% object detection in large areas of the huge effort to develop a ground and a time limit. Therefore, prior to georadar researches (scan) will identify significantly more likely location of the intended object, after which it is safe to start exercises with spades and shovels.

When the soil surveys can be done georadar task of finding objects that differ in density or humidity from the environment. Ground-penetrating radar to detect geological formations, void and any man-made structures. For professionals working with search by a georadar similar objects do not cause much difficulty, because the quality of GPR surveying all the listed objects are clearly visible on the computer operator GPR. The resulting cut, carries information about the underlying layers of soil, as well as on the type and condition of the structure.

In a survey of burial mounds, using georadar allows you to define the structure of a mound burials, design features to evaluate the approximate amount of archaeological work on the development of soil and, if possible, to an era of archaeology includes the archaeological site. Geo radar researches allow to considerably reduce the volume of unproductive search works on the development of the soil.
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What is a ground-penetrating radar Geoscanners and how-georadar -GPR Examination is performed with a special tool – GPR, which is an electronic device. The GPR investigators receive ongoing incision of the environment in which to diagnose.
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magnetometer magnex 120 LW The MAGNEX 120 LW is used for localization of buried ferromagnetic objects. The magnetometer applies to detection of pipes, but also and above all looking for unexploded ordnance (UXO), when the depollution of battlefields, after the conflict.
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