ground penetrating radar (gpr) systems

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ground penetrating radar (gpr) systems

Modern ground penetrating radar - this is a very accurate and reliable instruments . Application area of ground penetrating radar (gpr) is so wide that it is difficult to imagine the alternative to the use - either this device . In this technology is not standing still and is constantly being developed more and more new technologies , and accordingly - expanding the scope of ground penetrating radar,gold detecting gpr radars.

( GPR ) and ground water environment , civil engineering and building structures.
Using the GPR scan to solve a wide range of archaeological, technical and engineering problems.

Scanning depth reaches 250m, and the scan result - radiogram clearly shows a picture of the environment under the surface and the depth discontinuities.

Obviously, the ground penetrating radar detection in its depth , along with a magnetometer , refers to the “heavy” search engine technology and is inherently designed to address the major archaeological and technical tasks that do not belong to the hobby metal detector search . However, this device can “see under the ground and water ,” which is why it is of great interest .

So, what is it like to ground penetrating radar (gpr) , and what can this miracle device?

The principle of operation consists in sending a GPR tiny pulse into the earth by antennas by a receiving antenna to take back the response obtained from various objects , density changes , humidity, type of soil , save the data to a computer embedded in the device . Based on the analysis of the data ( power and time required for response ) creates a “picture ” - which studied the specialist can make the necessary conclusions (eg  determine the depth and direction of pipes and cables, underground cavities , the borders of ground formations ) . Ground penetrating radar is capable of producing a survey to a depth of 150 meters, and sometimes more !

GPR can search for objects through the thickness of the ice and water, sand, earth and stone. True , depending on the type of soil will be changed and the maximum depth of the sensitivity of the instrument. the maximum it will be in dry sandy soils , and in salt water - the device will not work , it is connected with the electrical facilities. The lower the conductivity - there are more limit of ground penetrating radar (gpr) .

GPR can be detected both metal and non-metallic objects, as well as empty under a layer of Earth, masonry walls, and foundations. Can a void be cache? An interesting question, that possibility is there and it is very high.

Examine the soil to underground caves and cavities (both with archaeological purpose and with a construction - site subsidence ), a survey of places of ancient tombs and burial - ground penetrating radar accurately display the burial sites .

Inspection of concrete blocks, structures and buildings - by detecting hidden spaces, despite the fact that the cost of GPR for obvious reasons, and significantly higher costs for the rest of the metal detectors to (nearly 10 times or more).

    And that’s just the main directions to use ground penetrating radar (gpr) !

With a wide range of applications, and the greater depth of the surveyed soils geologist is absolutely safe device , because of its power of radiation is about 1 % of the radiation from a mobile phone!

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