gas detectors - Electronic Gas Sensor

Of considerable importance for safety purposes with regard to gas installations, or electronic sensors are little known and used in the civilian sector.

Of considerable importance for safety at home, in relation to the gas stations, the detectors or sensors are still not very common in civilian applications. They are only used for central heating systems, kitchens of restaurants and in all cases where gas deposits, typically with a gas power exceeding 35 kW  by the rules and then shown in the design.

Although the hobs are in modern kitchens, equipped with thermocouples at the stove that when no flame avoids the gas, installing a sensor would be a strengthening of the security aspect in the same kitchen as well as in technical areas where they are installed boilers or in General in environments characterised by the presence of gas-powered equipment.

Where to gas, methane gas, but not always refers to a lesser extent these are often liquid propane gas (LPG).

The activation of the sensor, following a gas leak, can provide warning signals of various kinds, optical and acoustic, in addition to command the closing of a gas shut-off valve (solenoid valve working in symbiosis on the sensor) that closes the gas supply.

Placement of electronic gas sensors

The placement of a gas detection sensor in an environment, commonly called electronic sensors, is of significant importance for the efficiency of the same sensor, with reference to a typical house with methane gas to hobs and boilers, it is necessary to consider that being natural gas lighter than air, it tends to spill from the plant to thicken up near the ceiling of the environment.

It is therefore the ceiling the main reference area for the installation of the electronic sensors, do not neglect other important aspects including conditions that may inhibit the proper functioning of the sensor or slow its sensitivity.

The placement of a sensor ceiling at a natural gas stove in a kitchen area, may impair the function of the same sensor as a result of vapors, smoke emitted by the activity of fatty food.

Similarly, the installation of electronic sensors above a radiator or heat pump that produces hot air, may impair the function of the sensors.

In fact, the latter are constituted and regulated by a particularly sensitive to changes in temperature, the temperature limit is typically 50° C easily accessible above a gas heater.

More generally, the functionality of an electronic sensors to the ceiling can be limited in a heated, where the presence of hot air or convection, produced by heating the air itself, can significantly slow down your ascent to the ceiling of a possible leak of methane gas.

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gas detectors – Electronic Gas Sensor
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gas detectors – Electronic Gas Sensor
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gas detectors - Electronic Gas Sensor

Of considerable importance for safety purposes with regard to gas installations, or electronic sensors are little known and used in the civilian sector.

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