fisher metal detectors

Metal Detector F2 GWP1
The fisher F2 Metal Detector is an entry-level instrument in Fisher's search engine lineup. Let's take a closer look at all features and possibilities of this detector! The device is made in a standard configuration-three sectional "S"-shaped bar, in which the lower component is made of special plastic.
Metal Detector F22
Fisher F22 - Metal Detector for universal soil search, the second in the new lineup from Fischer. Wide functionality and simple control for searching coins, relics, treasures, jewelry. The main difference from F11 is the waterproof body and coil, the presence of Targer ID VDI, the Adjustable Iron Audio function, the 9-inch coil and the type of power: instead of the crown, the usual finger batteries.
F4 Metal Detector
Fisher F4 is a medium-level metal detector from Fisher, with an excellent 11-inch "DD" coil. From his "younger brother" Fischer F2, is distinguished not only by the coil, but also by more advanced discrimination of metals, manual and automatic soil balancing, as well as greater depth of search.
Metal Detector F22 11DD
The Fisher F22-11DD is a weather and vlagozashhishhennym device designed for beginners treasure. The metal detector refers to the devices of entry level, because it works on the same frequency-7.69 khz. The main difference from the basic model Fisher F22-the presence of DD coils 11 inches in diameter.
Metal Detector F44
Fisher F44-The latest in the new lineup detectors from Fischer. The weather metal detector with waterproof coil and water-resistant screen allows you to search in the rain, snow, even on the coastal strip, where splashes can cause damage to a conventional device. This model retains the advantages of the previous model F22-Target ID/VDI, the Adjustable Iron Audio function.
Metal Detector F44 11DD
Semi Metal Detector Fisher F44-11DD is designed for experienced treasure, passionate about the search for coins, artifacts, jewelry and war trophies. This model is different from detector Fisher F44 11 inch DD coil. Soil, waterproof and weather metal detector Fisher F44-11DD operates on the same frequency-7.69 khz.
Metal Detector F5
The Fisher F5 Metal Detector is a mid-level and mid-range detectors. F5 has not only the basic functions for detectors, but also some additional features. Fischer F5 has the ability to analyze the soil and shows the level of its mineralization, manual balancing of soil and depth. and also ALL metal mode which allows to get maximum depth of search without discrimination of metals.
Metal Detector F70
Quality high-level metal detector for experienced users and professionals. The 13 khz operating frequency provides good sensitivity to non-ferrous metals, in particular coins, jewellery and other valuable items of small size. Implemented such technologies as additional software processing to improve waste screening.
Metal Detector F75
Fisher F75 Metal Detector is a real professional detector for universal search of coins, relics, military trophies, gold nuggets, perfectly proved itself in the beach search. Advanced settings and rich functionality will make the work of an experienced treasure even more comfortable in any, even the most difficult conditions.
Among the huge variety of modern technology The Honorable place is occupied by the metal detector - the device detects hidden metal objects. The scope of such a device is quite wide, it is both security structures, and construction organizations, and amateur archaeology. Wherever you need to find anything underground, in the walls or any hidden objects will come in handy metal detector, and for treasure is a device № 1, without which the search for treasures is almost impossible. With detector you can find coins, relics, jewelry, military artifacts, detect wiring in houses and hidden communications under the ground, inspect people and luggage, conduct archaeological excavations, investigate abandoned Settlements, search for gold nuggets and more.

There are many varieties of detectors - analogue and digital; Simple and professional; Ground, deep, underwater, inspection; Focused on gold or only on iron objects, etc., and each device has a set of specific characteristics intended for certain search tasks. For novice users There are simple universal devices, which do not require special knowledge, they are enough to just turn on and start using immediately. More experienced search engines prefer a metal detector with advanced capabilities in which you can choose the modes and settings at your own discretion. Professionals, seriously fond Metallopoiskom prefer powerful modern devices, which are real search engines and have very wide opportunities.

The principle of detector is to capture the magnetic field of the target in the search coil and to transmit this signal to the control unit, then the processor processes the received signal and transmits the information to the monitor screen and in the form of a sound signal. In the absence of a monitor, which is peculiar to analogue and underwater devices, the metal detector informs about the finding only by means of an audio signal, which can be 2-tone, polyphonic of 3-8 tones or multitone, having many options Alarm. For a more accurate capture of the tone of the sound signal, you can use headphones, which may also differ in their capabilities and characteristics. Visually, the metal detector displays data about the find in the form of a digital or analogue scale, or as a graphic picture, which is inherent in more expensive professional models.