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Why do I need gas leak sensors?

The result of high concentration of gas in the environment is an increase in the number of fires and explosions. To reduce and completely prevent such cases, several varieties of special devices-gas leakage sensors-are offered.

The main purpose of the equipment is implied in the timely detection of leakage and notification of the surrounding people. Some modern devices have a special pressure gauge (shutoff valve), which after receiving information about the elevated level of gas, closes its supply.

With standard portable devices that are more suitable for personal use, it is possible to determine whether there is one specific or multiple gases in the room. As for industrial devices, more powerful and practical leakage sensors are built here.

Classification of sensors

Depending on which power source is used, the sensors are wired (working from the Network) and wireless (with a standalone battery).

There are also several varieties of devices that differ in the method of determining the level of poisonous substances in the atmosphere, the most common of them are:

Semiconductor-detect gas particles with a heated oxide surface;
Catalytic - able to burn gas and splintering it on the molecules of water and carbon dioxide;
Infra-red-determine the level of concentration of the substance through special strips, creating a certain infrared electromagnetic spectrum.
The mechanism of gas sensors can have a valve, and can be completed without it. There is a separate category of devices working on GSM-technology.

Depending on which gas will catch the device, determine the place of its fastening. For example, where carbon monoxide or propane can go, the device must be fixed on a wall or a column of 25-30 cm from the floor. Since natural gas has the opposite effects and accumulates at the top, the equipment is fastened closer to the ceiling.
Why do I need gas leak sensors?