Walk through the metal detector during pregnancy

Many women worry about walking through the metal detector during pregnancy , and believes that the device is issued Radiology can lead to fetal injury hurt , but studies have shown that walking through the metal detector during pregnancy does not lead to any harm to either mother or fetus .

With widespread in most airports, security centers and government departments, and people walk through metal detectors , these devices use electricity ordinary such as those we use in homes, as the television or refrigerator uses electricity and thus made ​​field electromagnetic low frequencies , as well as walk through a metal detector consists field electromagnetic frequency low to search for weapons which may hides some in their underwear , so the electromagnetic fields that are used , walk through the metal detector does not affect a pregnant woman and the fetus, it looks like a field of electromagnetic frequency low for the rest of electrical appliances at home.

The field electromagnetic low frequency , which consists in the technology walk through a metal detector , this is exposure safe for everyone, including pregnant women, and the same idea and interpretation apply to wands and handheld metal detectors , which are in the hands of the security men and is passed on individuals .

Believed most of the people that the way you use technology walk through a metal detector using X-rays , is also used in hospitals to portray the bones of the citizens , but this belief is wrong and there is no danger of radiation that come from a walk through the metal detector .

There is no danger to women during pregnancy walk through a metal detector ,
TSA Transportation Safety management potential claims of exposure to dangerous radiation from the back scatter machine is low, and it does not pose a significant threat to the pregnant passenger . The agency says each scan emits less than 1/ 1, 000 radiation due to in standard chest X - ray , or the equivalent of two minutes to fly at high altitudes .

All these fears of walking through a metal detector during pregnancy may be a natural fears , however Pregnant women can request a manual inspection if they are concerned to pass through a metal detector .

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Walk through the metal detector during pregnancy
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