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walk through metal detectors security

Walk-through metal detectors have an ergonomic design so that you can pick up the device to any premises, whether the Bank, airport building, Office premises, factories and enterprises. Recently, stationary detectors have become popular for schools, institutions, and other educational institutions; for EXAM-a device detects the phones, video cameras, tape recorders, cameras and other equipment. [walk through metal detectors security]

Pulse induction at the Walk through metal detectors

When a metal object passes through a metal detector , the initial impetus in this subject creates an electromagnetic field of opposite polarity. When the magnetic field of the initial pulse decays and generates a reflected pulse , the magnetic field metal object affect the duration of the reflected pulse towards its increase . The [Pulse induction at the Walk through metal detectors]

Walk through metal detectors-GARRETT CS-5000

GARRETT CS-5000 - simple and reliable arched metal detector with microprocessor control. Is used to detect any metal objects bringing prohibited. Features GARRETT CS-5000: Customizable to any mass of metal from a few grams Has a special protection scheme of interference from monitors and office equipment Excludes mutual obscurity metal objects with opposing magnetic properties [Walk through metal detectors-GARRETT CS-5000]

Walk through metal detectors

Walkthrough metal detectors Detailed product description Banks, embassies, carries spot metal detector of the project review of areas of security in airports 6 Security AT300A metal detector The walk-through metal detector can easily detect weapons, such as the knife and the gun, and metal items What are hidden in the human body. 6 [Walk through metal detectors]

Walk through the metal detectors - who needs it? and how do you choose?

Walk through the metal detectors - who needs it? and how do you choose? Each location has different requirements for their walk through a metal detector. While in a prison might need a detector with an appearance intimidating and authoritarian, a company building wish to perhaps to feel subtle and less intrusive. Like walk through [Walk through the metal detectors - who needs it? and how do you choose?]

Digital metal detectors Fisher walking through the door

Digital metal detectors Fisher walking through the door Specifications Metal detectors Fisher 1.LED 2.microprocessor alarm control Digital metal detectors Fisher walking through the door 1.. Door detection with LCD (liquid crystal display) with the Chinese and English menus and direct manual operation, making it easier to set the parameters, the English operation interface is [Digital metal detectors Fisher walking through the door]

Metal detectors in high school a necessity

How Much Do School Metal Detectors Cost Chardon High School Metal Detectors Who Makes School Metal Detectors School Metal Detectors Statistics New York School Metal Detectors School Metal Detectors Pros And Cons School Metal Detectors For Sale Public School Metal Detectors Metal Detectors In Schools Pros And Cons Metal Detectors In Schools Article Cleveland School [Metal detectors in high school a necessity]

8zone walk through a metal detector

Brand “MCD” with Garrett
We can do your brand on it.
MCD-500 c
MCD-500 to export the metal detector, security door, fire door, imported materials Council fire has the advantages of a lightweight and waterproof. Section structure do very similar to the door, the door is installed on both sides of the warning Struts, and to make
Using aluminum alloy column lights, police website seems more attractive and direct high-quality door davang medium established when electromagnetic fields can be generated in the human body with metal elements through alarm, can detect accuracy people or carry hand bags body of metal objects or metal objects, such as various control tools, weapons, metal products, electronic products and other metal materials, etc., used to do safety inspections, examination of anti-theft tool, mainly used in government agencies, the public security organs, Prosecutors, courts, prisons, detention centres, customs, airports, stations, stadiums, exhibition places, entertainment, gathering places, etc., as well as hardware and electronics, jewelry, military, and Mint factories or large companies.

1. Introduction: function
(1) to detect region without blind spots, area detection to detect integration points, with LCD screen and remote control operation;
(2) precise positioning: the average distribution of 12 independent detection region and mix of six areas uncovered, target detection,
Alarm sound and light at the same time on both sides LEGO zone alarm shows the pointer directly to the exact position, target site visual presentation. (3) design units: using modular design, installation convenience, easy to exclude failure.
(4) self-diagnostic functions: built-in self-diagnostic procedures, power on self test and error.
(5) the microprocessor technology: more flexible control through Control Panel can be programmed to all default parameters meet the needs of users
Various application requirements
(6) design of complex circuits, infrared devices, automatic computer definition, can reduce the effectiveness of false positives and omissions, and to report to police statistics
Frequency, through the number.
(7) digital signal processing DSP filter systems, and the ability to intervene antiliktromagnitake excellent and strong resistance to touch and energy collision
Power, many people crowded in case of normal operation.
(8) adjustable sensitivity: detects each have 100 sensitivity level may require adjustment according to the appropriate detection sensitivity. (9) specifically to store three sets of criteria for good planning to expose suit different occasions and special chemicals. Equipped with remote control, process more comfortable
(10) with continuous functionality, could not escape detection at any time. Can be measured automatically and display the interference surrounding
Conditions, helps to locate installation.
(11) a password-protected settings: password-protected function, just enter the correct password modify parameters, operators
Cannot change security parameters section settings, and easy to manage.
(12) in accordance with current international safety standards, and the use of weak magnetic field emission technology, wearing pacemakers, pregnant women
Women, floppy disks and other video and audio tapes.
Technical parameters II.
(1) standard: “GB 15210-1994. National standards through metal detector type for general technical conditions “.
(2) the disclosure procedures: you may have to modify the sensitivity of 100 on different occasions to meet separately.
(3) basic safety: meet the requirements of GB4793.
(4) safety: nilikeg-1060 satisfied.
(5) rate: over 60 million/per minute. (6) power: 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz. (7) power consumption:
(8) the working environment:-10 ~ £ 45, 95% RH.
(9) overall dimensions: 2220 mm (h) x 820 mm (width) x 500 mm (depth).
(10) channel size: 2000 mm (h) x 700 mm (width) x 500 mm (depth),
(11) machine weight: 80 kg
Walk through the metal detector during pregnancy

Walk through the metal detector during pregnancy Many women worry about walking through the metal detector during pregnancy , and believes that the device is issued Radiology can lead to fetal injury hurt , but studies have shown that walking through the metal detector during pregnancy does not lead to any harm to either mother [Walk through the metal detector during pregnancy]

hand held metal detectors security-portable metal detector

Portable Hand Held Metal Detector Mini Hand Held Metal Detectors Best Portable Metal Detector Travel Metal Detector Mini Metal Detectors Metal Detector Handheld Portable Walk Through Metal Detectors Portable Metal Detectors Treasure Portable Metal. Learn more about walk through metal detectors, hand held metal detectors, and other forms of security equipment. devices that let you [hand held metal detectors security-portable metal detector]

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Security Metal Detectors Walk Through
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