My first gold nugget
My first gold nugget
It took me two long years before I dug the first golden Nugget. This may seem like a long unreal time, but most searches with a metal detector need to be impatient for this wait.
Now I certainly find gold more often. I generally grew up near a small town in Idaho and knew perfectly how to wash the golden sand tray. Half trip could lead me to gold creeks, where I could find some tiny gold flakes. or a gateway, of course, worked much better and with it it was possible to find more gold, but still it was very small, practically dust.

I realized quite quickly that the guys who found the big gold nuggets used metal detectors. I had an old metal detector, known all over the yellow shell, and not the most advanced model. It was normal, but here as a detector for gold is utterly useless. In the soil with hot stones and constantly changing composition he gave out unpleasant of sounds, it was impossible to find anything with him.

So I realized I needed a new metal detector. Since I was fond of the instrument search, I wanted a device that would be good looking for coins and nuggets. I took a new MXT from's at the time. There was a better choice, but I didn't have any money. Detector had a "mine" regime and I thought it would be enough.

Equipped with a new tool, I was ready to dig all the gold areas and pull out of the ground all the nuggets. In native Idaho, it is the area of Boise, a famous place where there was an industrial gold mining and preserved dumps. I thought I would certainly attain my happiness there.
If you are looking and still can't find your first gold nugget with detector, I can assure you that you are not alone. My story, told above, is very similar to the history of many other diggers. Almost everyone has a similar experience. Very often you need a year or even two to find your gold. Just remember that gold is very rare, and finding it is harder . Just keep searching. And your nugget will be there when you least expect it!
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gold nugget
My first gold nugget golden Nugget. This may seem like a long unreal time, but most searches with a metal detector need to be impatient for this wait.
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