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GW-S gas alarm in the housing for wall mounting

This device is famous for the fact that it is quite functional and reliable. It is accepted to install on a wall, and it is possible to connect to it at once two gas sensors. And this is the advantage that many other similar products can not boast.

This product is able to control the different types of gases without any problems, which, of course, is quite good and pleasant.

This device can be an excellent solution for use in industry, construction and private sector. And as practice shows, today more and more people give preference to such a product, because it is quite high quality and unique.

But it is necessary to remember that it should not be used in dangerous zones, as today for some reason many people do. As soon as the product gauges pass the signal level, you will be able to notice how the signal LED lights up.

The signal relay in turn is activated simultaneously. As soon as the reverse origin occurs, then, of course, the alarm automatically and immediately, begins to switch off.

It is also important to know that the sound signal will be activated every time the alarm is triggered. If there is an emergency condition, this situation will be displayed with the help of LED.

If there is an interruption of work, at this point there may be various dangers, so that at this point you need to be ready. The system, in turn, is able to automatically control cable breakage, short circuit, or when a network failure does occur.
GW-S gas alarm in the housing for wall mounting