Fisher's underwater metal detectors are not such news, but the new Fisher Cz21-10 deserves attention, it is truly a unique metal detector, which honoring and sea depths and expanses of fields, a detector that was waiting for the search engines of many countries-a powerful, Reliable, Versatile! The ability to work in two environments, several working frequencies, three search modes-all this new FISHER cz21!

Unique technologies, which are implemented in this device, will allow any search engine to extract from the Earth a lot of amazing artifacts, and the configuration and functionality of detector FISHER CZ21-10 is simple and does not take a lot of time. Everything in metal FISHER cz21-10 is unusual. Of course, someone who was familiar with Fisher CZ20-10, the predecessor of our device, much in the beginner will seem the same, or very similar, but FISHER cz21-10 is very different from the 20th series. The construction of rods is unusual for ground detectors-this is due to the fact that the designers tried to minimize the overall weight of the device, so decided to apply features T-shaped rod. The upper rod is aluminum and painted in white, the lower bar is made of high-strength plastic-carbon, which resists heavy loads and quietly carries on itself a large 10-inch coil, which comes complete with the device.

Connection of rods between itself is carried out only by means of one spring button-so it is made specially that in conditions of underwater search the operator-diver could easily change the geometry of the device in a few seconds. The large number of adjusting holes on the top bar provides adjustment of the detector size in a wide range. The deep armrest is provided with a soft liner made of porous plastic, and there are slots for fastening the strap, supplied optional. The handle of the device is covered with a special covering, the handle is large, that allows to work detector in underwater gloves, not experiencing discomfort, however, in field conditions it is not less comfortable and makes long-term work with the device Pleasure.

The FISHER cz21-10 reel is unique, it has been specially designed for this device and helps to search freely at great depths in the seas, freshwater reservoirs, as well as beaches and any other places that the owner chooses for the exploration Metal detector. The coil is made in DD format, durable plastic casing combined with a special filler and the latest technology in manufacturing are a guarantee that the sensor will have excellent qualities during long-term operation. The accuracy of this sensor strikes-the absence of false positives, excellent identification in determining the metal of the detected object, accurate pinpointing-it is worth to take in the hands of FISHER cz21-10 to make sure of the fidelity of these words, because this The metal detector has already managed to win the hearts of many search engines!

The coil cable is long enough to use a metal detector in several versions of the assembly. Underwater search uses a scheme in which the control unit is placed on the top bar, and when ground search it can be moved to the belt, thereby significantly facilitating the design. The set of delivery includes a special plastic hook with the help of which the control unit is conveniently fastened on the belt. To exclude the shakings cord, two clamp included in the detector supply are used on the rod. It should be noted that FISHER cz21-10 can not be upgraded by replacing the coil-because of the fact that the device can be used at great depths, the designers decided to make the plug of the coil is not plug. The kit also includes headphones that cannot be disconnected from the control unit. Pezonaushniki are relevant in all search situations, and there is no need to change them. Headphones are very high quality, because FISHER cz21-10-a metal detector, which does not have a visual indication of the found object, the operator is focused only on the sound, so it is essential to ensure such a quality, in which the search engine can Pinpoint the object found.

The detector control unit is mounted on the handle of the upper rod. On the rear side there are two plugs-coils and headphones, as well as the battery cover. The metal detector operates from four 9-volt batteries of type  "Krona ", the energy of which is enough for more than 40-hour search. The manufacturer advises to use only high-quality alkaline batteries, or batteries. The battery compartment cover and the battery compartment itself are unusual. The battery cover is fastened with two bolts and has a special elastic gasket that protects the compartment from water penetration. And the compartment itself is separated from the electronics, so even if the circumstances are stronger and the battery compartment gets water, you only need to take out the batteries, rinse it and remove the residue of moisture to continue the underwater hunt! Metal detector can work at a depth of 76 meters, so the ways to protect its electronic filling special.

The detector FISHER cz21-10 Control Panel has only four switches and one button. The designers took care of those who decided to start the search immediately, and marked with red circles on each of the four scales of potentiometers those positions that allow you to adjust the detector for a quick search, for those who want to penetrate into the subtleties Search and find valuable items at maximum depth, there are fine-tuning formulas that are detailed and at the same time simply described in the instructions. The FISHER cz21-10 Metal detector is unique in that it operates on two frequencies - the depth frequency of 3 khz and the frequency, allowing to detect very small color targets - 15 khz. Such a unique combination in complex with the principle of signal analysis with the use of Fourier series allows you to accurately identify any metal objects-whether coins or gold nuggets. The metal detector has three modes of operation - silent dynamic mode with discrimination, dynamic mode all metals with threshold noise and static mode all metals used when the function of determining the exact location of the target is enabled ( Pinpointing). The potentiometer volume serves to enable detector and to adjust the response volume, but the designers went further and divided the volume scale into two sectors. In the range of divisions from 1 to 5 there is a gain of volume from any goals, and in the range from 6 to 10 the response from the big goals remains constant, but there is an increase of a response from small and very deep purposes. This is done specially because the search in the field is quite different from the search under water, when there is a possibility of skipping deep and small targets. Mark 5 circled Red Circle-Manufacturer advises to use this position potentiometer for quick search without presetting.

As already mentioned, FISHER cz21-10 has only a sound indication, so the designers made it extremely simple and understandable: the sound has three tone of response, where the low tone denotes objects of iron, and the middle and high tones-items from different Non-ferrous metals. The combination of two working frequencies and high-quality signal processing from the target leads to the fact that the operator hears a completely pure response sound, the time to identify each detected target is minimized! There is another type of response that appears when under the reel is a shallow and large object. This response means overloading the device and requires the search engine to lift the reel over the target to identify it.

The DISC controller, located on the control panel at the bottom left, is responsible for the level of discrimination. Positions from 0 to 6 are responsible for the adjustment of the level of discrimination in silent dynamic search, the Mark AUTO TUNE is intended to switch detector Vrezhim search All metals with threshold noise. The system of discrimination FISHER CZ21-10-consistent, that is, you can not exclude from the search some objects with high conductivity, leaving the reception area iron artifacts, in practice it means that you consistently exclude from the search first Nizkoprovodjashhie targets such as iron, then foil, and then small targets of non-ferrous metals, so ideally, it is better to work at minimum levels of discrimination, so as not to miss a signal from a valuable subject. If the search site is clean from Metallomusora, it is better to switch to the mode of all metals, which, thanks to the fact that the signal passes filters, has the utmost sensitivity to small objects and allows you to find goals very deep, much deeper than in Discrimination regime. This mode will be useful for prospectors and archaeologists, conducting deep exploration of the terrain and those interested in any metal finds. In the all metals mode there is no separation of response tones, the operator hears a single tone of response, differing only by the intensity, which allows to judge the size of the target and the depth of its occurrence. On the bottom side of the control unit there is a convenient scale, thanks to which you can quickly orient which targets become  "invisible " at specific positions discriminator.

The SENS potentiometer is responsible for setting the detector sensitivity level and allows adjusting the detector setting to specific search conditions. Of course, with the increase in sensitivity increases the depth of detection, but mineralized soils do not allow to search the limit positions of the potentiometer, but this does not mean that you will not be able to conduct an active search on Initial elevations of the sensitivity scale: FISHER cz21-10 is a powerful device and setting it correctly, you will get great results! With the help of the SENS regulator you can control the level of battery charge, it is necessary to transfer the potentiometer to the position BATT TEST. Located under the potentiometer of SENS potentiometer GROUND, answers, as you have guessed, for setting detector on the ground. You can use the Mark 5 on the scale to start a quick search, or you can  "sharpen " The metal detector into the deepest search using the manual adjustment of the soil balance. For fine adjustment on a ground it is possible to use two ways described in detail in the instructions to the detector, we shall say only that one of them is made in the mode of static determination of the center of a target, and the other-in mode all metals.

In the middle of the control Panel is located the touch button PINPOINT, which moves the metal detector into the static mode of all metals, and the intensity of the signal can be judged about the approximation of the object to the reel and its center. Set up FISHER cz21-10 is easy, after which you get full access to the treasures, hidden at the bottom of the sea, or anywhere else-at your discretion. High sensitivity to gold nuggets and the possibility of active counteraction of strongly mineralized soil makes this detector in demand not only by search engines-divers, but also artisan. Easy to set up, easy to control, application of DVUHCHASTOTNOJ technology and special signal processing system allow to make search productive, and time spent on identification of each goal is minimal. FISHER cz21-10 is a real professional device for those who want to try themselves in underwater search or search for ancient artifacts. A reliable, cost-effective device for deep search-all this FISHER cz21-10!
Fisher cz21-10 Metal Detector
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Among the huge variety of modern technology The Honorable place is occupied by the metal detector - the device detects hidden metal objects. The scope of such a device is quite wide, it is both security structures, and construction organizations, and amateur archaeology. Wherever you need to find anything underground, in the walls or any hidden objects will come in handy metal detector, and for treasure is a device № 1, without which the search for treasures is almost impossible. With detector you can find coins, relics, jewelry, military artifacts, detect wiring in houses and hidden communications under the ground, inspect people and luggage, conduct archaeological excavations, investigate abandoned Settlements, search for gold nuggets and more.

There are many varieties of detectors - analogue and digital; Simple and professional; Ground, deep, underwater, inspection; Focused on gold or only on iron objects, etc., and each device has a set of specific characteristics intended for certain search tasks. For novice users There are simple universal devices, which do not require special knowledge, they are enough to just turn on and start using immediately. More experienced search engines prefer a metal detector with advanced capabilities in which you can choose the modes and settings at your own discretion. Professionals, seriously fond Metallopoiskom prefer powerful modern devices, which are real search engines and have very wide opportunities.

The principle of detector is to capture the magnetic field of the target in the search coil and to transmit this signal to the control unit, then the processor processes the received signal and transmits the information to the monitor screen and in the form of a sound signal. In the absence of a monitor, which is peculiar to analogue and underwater devices, the metal detector informs about the finding only by means of an audio signal, which can be 2-tone, polyphonic of 3-8 tones or multitone, having many options Alarm. For a more accurate capture of the tone of the sound signal, you can use headphones, which may also differ in their capabilities and characteristics. Visually, the metal detector displays data about the find in the form of a digital or analogue scale, or as a graphic picture, which is inherent in more expensive professional models.