Discovering groundwater with eggs

how to detect water underground

How to discover water by egg ways how I know the earth. Groundwater detection search for the subterranean surface puts the egg horizontally in the palm of his hand.

It is also one of those methods that is not properly done except with very few people, such as search using the cane and olive branch For example, and there are many ways traditional and simple research and other methods of research and detection of water using modern devices with advanced and advanced scientific capabilities via sensor After the infrared.

Finding Ground water with Egg

water divining using egg and coconut

Ground Water Search by L rod Dowsing

And amidst all this we have chosen one of those ways which is very simple and inherited from the fathers and grandfathers and tested and used with the percent across the globe: The method of detecting groundwater using eggs, and the details of that method are more clearly shown below.

Ground water - Amazing Myth and Facts

How to find Ground Water

Ground water detection using coconut at Devanur area

The egg often moves if the person passes by a watercourse, so the person must be an expert on it so that he can estimate the location of the water by the direction of the movement of the egg, and the egg when the person passes next to an aquifer begins to stand on the thick part so that the above is the thin part.

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Discovering water with eggs
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Discovering groundwater with eggs
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