Broken Needle detector in clothes Blankets footwear VFG-600 k

Broken needle detector in clothes, blankets, footwear VFG-600 k are non-toxic, conveyor technology the new coils, integrated computer chips through digital circuits.

Especially the protection circuit, it will automatically stop if not discovered hang on the conveyor belt in about 10 minutes.

All the function keys are touch keys, there are 8 locations can show the exact location of the broken needle

There are 3 ways to alarm: sound, light, and frequency

The machine can calculate the number of eligible and non-eligible work

The machine has two sets, double testing to ensure high detection results

Powerful anti-jamming (no false alarms due to the influence of the electronic equipment such as mobile phones, ceiling, screw …)

The structure of the machine is made of steel, ABS plastic casing, to ensure the stable operation of machines, good performance, high durability.


Detection method

Induction of digital circuits

The ability to detect

? 0.8 Fe?

? 0.8 Fe?

? 1.0 Fe?

? 1.2 Fe?

? 1.5 Fe?

Height detection

100 mm

120 mm

150 mm

200 mm

250 mm

Detection width

Size width 600 mm or customized

Adjust the detection

Touch button adjusts the level 1-12

Alarm method

Audio/alarm light and back, then restart again

The power source

AC220V 50-60 Hz



Machine size

L230mm x W1000mm x H900mm



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Broken Needle detector in clothes Blankets footwear VFG-600 k
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