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A few reasons to buy a metal detector

Industrial metal detectors for Food industries
Industrial metal detectors for Food industries
This group includes detectors built into the pipeline or tape transport to detect metal than either. Such detectors are needed for example to detect unwanted metal into a tree (a wooden board).
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Metal detectors in food industry provides qualitative food security.
The reason first. Quality control: consumer safety and the highest rating of the company-manufacturer. Any, even the most equipped food production, is not guaranteed from falling particles of metallic origin in the product and its components at different stages-from the raw stage to the moment of filling and packaging. It bolts, nuts, springs, beads, fragments of details of the equipment itself, etc., cannot be ruled out completely and the human factor. All this distorts consumer product properties, inevitably reduces its quality, making just dangerous for the health of the consumer, and, accordingly, would discredit the image of the company.
A few reasons to buy a metal detector
Metal detector installed at the end of the production line, using digital signal processing, allows you to identify foreign metal particles in the product and provide a discarded product, thereby providing a reliable quality control at the final stage of production.

The reason for the second. Technology security: Safety equipment, control of suppliers of raw materials and the stability of the production process. Metal detector equipment installed at the beginning of a line, allows you to monitor incoming raw materials. You can instantly determine the supplier of low-quality raw materials, identifying foreign inclusions.

Unpacked products may contain foreign inclusions: metal particles including stainless steel, glass, stones, plastic high density rubber. The raw materials can be detected the wreckage of knives, pieces of wire, lead shotgun pellets, paper clips, Staples, bolts, nuts.

Location of monitoring systems at the beginning of the production line protects all equipment line from falling metal particles, thereby helping to avoid costly repairs and downtime and ensure uninterrupted operation of the production process.

Checking and sorting of raw materials to the final product hit allows you to reduce the cost of marriage - raw materials is much cheaper than packaged, ready for shipment of products.

The reason for the third. Functional reliability, ease of installation and invariance in operation and maintenance.
For all its high manufacture ability, metal detectors are very reliable and easy-to-use equipment:
Uses as a principle of its actions of different technologies, for example, the most promising digital signal processing technology, which eliminates the impact of external factors on the process of identifying metals.
Detectors are equipped with a display, which greatly facilitates the operation of the equipment.

metal detectors in food industry
industrial metal detectors for food
Industrial Metal Detectors - Metal detector for food processing
metal detectors for food - packaging products
Industrial Metal Detectors - Metal detectors for biscuits
industrial metal detectors - Metal detectors for pastry
Metal Detectors for Gold Only
Is designed for quick and easy disassembly. Construction of the pipeline can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Washing takes minutes, and downtime is minimal lines. Furthermore, frequent changes in product and regular washing of the detector between work shifts do not affect the performance of the line.

In addition to checking for the presence of metals products, performs marriage on a contradiction given weight. When it detects metal automatic high-speed appliance assigns product with foreign inclusions from the main stream product.

Self-diagnosis function with the ability to disable the specified parameters. Metal detector sensitivity level can be verified, not disrupting the progress of the production process, this includes built-in tools for testing. Test data can be used to justify conformity to industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Additional features:

metal detectors are made entirely of stainless steel, which eliminates chemical interaction with the product;
reveal the presence in the product of solid particles of all metals, including non-ferrous alloys;
99 memory products;
self-learning function;
record statistical data (number of identified unconformities);
outdoor alarm, detectors and other equipment to coordinate;
various forms of indication of alarm-stop, sound, signal lamp.

For the food and pharmaceutical industries preferred total conveyor-type metal detectors that allow arbitrary installation anywhere in the production line, but practice shows that the maximum efficiency can be achieved when the equipment is installed at an early metal detectors (raw) phase process for the control of incoming raw materials and at the final stage of control of finished products. This ensures the security of all production cycles, i.e., product safety and equipment.

the application will receive and the international quality standards ISO 9000, GOST r ISO standards series 9000-96. They are one of the main parameters, refer to the establishment of the quality management system is the implementation of a number of conditions, including passage of the audit in order to obtain the certificate. These certificates have now isolated producers, but their role will grow immeasurably in the new context of the global market.

And in order to thrive in the face of tougher competition, need to obtain such a certificate and, as the main condition, a radical change of approach to the qualitative characteristics of products.
Metal detector for food industry is a small, but significant cost, investment in product quality and the entire production process. Appreciate these reasons regarding your production, apply them to your products, analyze in a pair of “cost-benefit” and you’ll have another, additional, individual reason to purchase a metal detector.

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Metal detector and posting X-Line Digital Multi-Scanner
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